Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Life in the Ocean Sea

Dear lords and Ladies in 1495

Thank fully I am done with Typhus. I had to go threw contracted from body lice and other parasites. You get a high fever and muscle aches. I am glad I made it out but maria man she has scurvy worst than me. And this is the stuff that scurvy results from lack of vitamin C in the diet. Her gums are always bleeding and almost all of her teeth are going to fall off her gums she only lost nine tooth's. And the tooth that she has left is 23 when she looses all her teeth she is going to look like a young old lady.But the thing that is wired and funny that my cockroach's name is bombs voyage and Popeye are always fighting each other they always like hiss or something but me and my friend bomb we are like best friends we met each other from a store called the meddle smith's that is a place were we get like swords,staggers,knives,muskets,ans other stuff like that. And we met each other when I was buying a sword, knife, and a gun, and what bomb got was a gun,stagger,knife, and a 3 foot sword.